The Catholic University of America — School of Architecture and Planning

This program offers CUA architecture students, faculty, and community the very unique chance to meet, discuss, and work in close-proximity with a world-renown architect while addressing issues related to the core mission of CUA. During their visit, the Walton Critic gives a public lecture, co-directs a design studio, interfaces with students and faculty, and participates in reviews and juries. In addition to its enduring impact in the life of the school, this program also brings national and international visibility to CUArch.

This annual experience is sponsored by the Clarence Walton Fund for Catholic Architecture, in honor and remembrance of the late Clarence C. Walton who served as The Catholic University of America's first lay president from 1969 to 1978. The Walton Family also includes his son, Thomas Walton (B.S. Arch. 1974, M.Arch. 1976) who was a former CUA architecture faculty member whose expertise is Catholic architecture.

The Walton critic program, a central part of the Sacred Space and Cultural Studies graduate concentration offered at the CUA School of Architecture and Planning, started in 2008 and has hosted the remarkable list of individuals listed on the right.

In October 2018, a symposium was organized in celebration of the 10 years anniversary of this unique program that brough six of the 10 Walton critic to campus. A book entitled "Spirituality in Architectural Education" edited by Professor Bermudez that covers the first twelve Years of the Walton Progran at The Catholic University of America" was published in February 2023 by the CUA Press.

For more information, contact professor Julio Bermudez, director of the Walton Critic Program and the SSCS graduate concentration at

Antoine Predock
Spring 2009

Eliana Bórmida
Fall 2014

Daniel Libeskind
Fall 2019

Craig W. Hartman
Fall 2010

Michael J. Crosbie
Fall 2015

Marshall Brown
Fall 2020

Juhani Pallasmaa
Fall 2011

Prem Chandavarkar

Fall 2016

Trey Trahan
Fall 2021

Alberto Campo

Fall 2012

Rick Joy
Fall 2017

Suchi Reddy
Fall 2022

Claudio Silvestrin
Fall 2013

Susan Jones
Fall 2018

Travis Price
Fall 2023