Michael J. Crosbie

The 2015 Walton Critic and Professor in Residence (September-November 2015). The Catholic University of America — School of Architecture and Planning

CUA School of Architecture and Planning ................=For more info, contact CUArch Associate Professor Professor Julio Bermudez...................... Sacred Space and Cultural Studies Concentration

Architect Claudio Silvestrin is based in London and Milan and the author of an internationally recognized oeuvre that covers not only architecture but also a wide range of design scales and interests. His works are distinguished by being austere but not extreme, contemporary yet timeless, calming but not ascetic, strong but not intimidating, elegant but not ostentatious, simple but not soulless. His aim is to raise human awareness of an evolution which is not merely technological and material, but which fundamentally encompasses emotion and spirit, man and nature, and has beauty at its compass. He pursues this conviction with a thought process based on depth, integrity, clarity of mind, inventiveness and concern for details.  Claudio Silvestrin’s thoughts on today’s challenges as well as his work have been featured in four books, many professional magazines and journals, exhibitions, as well as other media outlets. While he has visited and done work in America, he has rarely lectured or taught in the US. This gives our school and program a special opportunity to learn from a remarkable individual and professional. For more on architect Claudio Silvestrin:, follow this link

During his residence at CUA School of Architecture and Planning, architect Silvestrin will direct at three-week long design studio centered in the intersection between culture and spirituality. As the 2013 Walton Critic, he will participate in the life of the school through guest talks, reviews, and spontaneous meeting with students and faculty. His main public (and free) lecture will be

Can Architecture uplift our spirit and prevent the weight of materialism from crushing us
Wednesday 11 Sept at 6:00PM (at the School of Architecture, CUA campus

In addition, the Embassy of Italy and CUArch will host “Claudio Silvestrin: Works and Inspirations ”, to take place on Thursday 17 October in the evening at the Embassy. This event, part of a special program celebrating Italian culture and design, is included in the 2013 AIA-DC architectural week. For details, go here

Claudio Silvestrin’s residence is made possible in part by the Clarence Walton Fund for Catholic Architecture. Past Walton Critics include architects Antoine Predock (2009), Craig Hartman (2010), Juhani Pallasmaa (2011) and Alberto Campo Baeza (2012.


Julio Bermudez, director, Associate Professor