Alberto Campo Baeza

The 2012 Walton Critic and Professor in Residence (Sept 10-30, 2012) . The Catholic University of America — School of Architecture and Planning (SSCS Concentration)

CUA School of Architecture and Planning ....................................................... ..... Sacred Space and Cultural Studies Concentration

Alberto Campo Baeza is a Spanish architect internationally known for his luminous, simple yet nuanced, and always provocative architecture, the result of a long, continuous and disciplined investigation of the miracle of light in space. By professing an axiology of ‘more with less’, Campo Baeza is able to focus on the essence of space, time and illumination in architectural experience and program. His work has received extensive recognition, including the Buenos Aires Biennial International Critic Prize (2009), the Eduardo Torroja Award (2005), the COAAO Award (2003), the COAM Award (2002), the Venice Biennial (2000), and the Miami Biennial Gold Medal (2000). Campo Baeza was also a selected candidate for The American Academy of Arts and Letters 2010 Architecture Awards and a finalist in the 2011 Premio de Arquitectura Española. His built work, drawings, and ideas have been widely published in Spanish, English, Italian, French, and Japanese. In addition to his architectural practice, Campo Baeza teaches at ETSAM-UPM, in Madrid, since 1976 and has lectured at many American universities (Penn, Harvard, Columbia, IIT, Kansas State, Miami, etc.) and foreign institutions (in China, Italy, Panama, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark, etc.).During his residence at CUA School of Architecture and Planning, architect Campo Baeza will direct a three-week long design studio investigating sacred space and culture through an architectural philosophy and practice of ‘more with less’. As the 2012 Walton Critic he will participate in the life of the school through guest talks, reviews, and spontaneous engagement with students. His main public (and free) lecture will be Ineffable Architecture: Building Poetry by Thinking with Your Hands
Wednesday 12 September at 6:00pm (at the School of Architecture, CUA Campus)In addition, the Embassy of Spain and CUA will join AIA-DC in hosting “Alberto Campo Baeza: Current Works and Reflections”, a special presentation to take place on Wednesday 19 Sept. at 6:30pm at the AIA-DC Center. This event will kick-off the Disctrict 2012 ‘Architecture Week’ program.Alberto Campo Baeza’s residence is made possible in part by the Clarence Walton Fund for Catholic Architecture. Past Walton Critics include architects Antoine Predock (2009), Craig Hartman (2010), and Juhani Pallasmaa (2011).