Bermudez - Campo Baeza Studio (part 1: A Convent for the 21st Century) — Fall 2012 — The Catholic University of America — School of Architecture and Planning

1-35 | 36-70 | 71-103

ro_ebadi board-1_a board-2_a board-3_a board-4_a final_site_model_1 large_final_model1
chapel_1 choir_shaft entry_portal prayer_room refectory stairs view_from_gw_parkway
west_facade within_entry_portal photos 0_group_photo_1 dscn9799 dscn9248 0_group_photo_3
alberto_lou_julio alberto_2 img_0382 img_9075 with_student_1 with_studio with_students_2
in_jury_2 in_jury img_0098 img_0112 dscn9795 exhibit full_exhibit_take_3_(_28d1c